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About Contributor's Hack

◙ Contributor's Hack is an Open-Source Program organized by HakinCodes that unites students, developers, engineers, and innovators from different places and culture to be a part of one and a half months of learning and contributing to Open-Source Projects for building their skills and learning how to collaborate and work together in a dev community.

◙ We hope to provide unique and amazing Open-Source Projects to the fellow participants to work under the guidance of highly skilled mentors so that they could get a good exposure of contributing in Open-Source Community.

◙ The amazing part is that top contributors get swags, perks and recognition.


  • Survey Registration

    Let's check how much you are excited and enthusiastic towards contributing in Open Source Projects.

  • 15 Jun - 20 July

    Project Registration

    Let us know what are your ideas for Open Source Projects. 

  • 21 July - 12 Aug

    Mentor Registration

    “Providing proper guidance in the right direction and explaining right workflow drives towards one's success”. If you have these qualities fill out this form to stand out from the crowd.

  • 21 July - 12 Aug

    Participant Registration

    “Excited to work under guided mentorship to improve your skills”. So fill out this form to work in well-crafted Open Source Projects.

  • 12 Aug - 15 Aug

    Community Bonding

    In this period of time you will get familiar with the project details and develop bonding with the respective project mentors/admins.

  • 16 Aug - 2 Oct

    Contributor's Hack Begins...

    This period is for working on the project and enhancing your skills with the support and guidance from the mentors.

  • 12 Oct - 14 Oct

    Result Announcement

    Get to know the result of your hard work and dedication and receive the benefits according to that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Contributor's Hack, 2020 is an Open Source Program organized by HakinCodes to introduce the youth to Open Source and it's great benefits. This program will run for about one and a half months in which fellow participants will get guidance from highly skilled mentors to contribute in Open Source Projects and after the conclusion of the program, they will recieve benefits according to their contributions.


Open source is a broadly used term that is originally referred to Open Source Software (OSS). Open Source Software is a source code that is designed in such a way that anyone can see, modify, and distribute that source code as per their requirements and conditions.Open Source Software is released under various licences like MIT, GNU General Public Licences, Apache, BSD, etc.

First and foremost, you must choose a programming language of your choice. Once you are done with selecting a programming language, search for a project that is interesting to you.



The projects related to any of the technical domains will be selected. The project idea should not be copied from any other sources.


Yes, one can take part individually if he/she is alone, otherwise they can fill up the names of their respective team members in the participant registration form if they have so.


Yes, one can register both as a participant or a mentor, in Contributor's Hack, 2020 program.


Yes there can be more than one mentor for the same project, but there will be only one project admin and rest of them can act as supporting project admins.


 All participants with at least one PR merged will receive digital certificates and badge of honour. The top participants will be rewarded with digital certificates, badge of honour, cool swags, perks and amazing benefits for others.

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Our developers love us! Read what they have to say below. 

With passage of time and help of fellow participants and mentors I learnt how to contribute and the feeling when your PR gets merged for the first time is inexpressible. Thanks a lot HakinCodes for organizing CH20.


Ankita Puri

Fellow Contributor

I have been associated with HakinCodes as a Project Admin.As part of a rising community, I have been part of a versatile and flexible team with whom it was a pleasure working with.

Harsh Bardhan Mishra

Project Admin/Mentor

It was a wonderful experience guiding and helping others, when I started my journey for open-source, it was difficult for me, but now I am guiding more people so that they can gain more. It's good to be a part of this.

Seema Saharan

Project Mentor